Increase Bookings

Sofiac's Travel Platform™ provides an out of box solution to getting more bookings from all major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). With 10+ year's of experience helping car rental operators get more bookings from OTAs and GDSs, Sofiac can be your partner in increasing your revenue.

By using the Sofiac Travel Platform™ your company will have a single place to manage rates and receive bookings all while saving time by getting the reservations delivered to the counter/point of sale system of your choice.

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OTA/GDS Integrations

The Sofiac Travel Platform™ has many out of box connections with major OTAs and GDSs including:

  • Airport Rentals
  • Amadeus
  • Auto Rentals
  • Booking Group
  • Car Rental 8
  • Car Jet
  • Car Rental Express (CRX)
  • Discover Cars
  • Economy Car Rentals
  • Expedia Group (Expedia, Travelocity, Car Rentals, Orbitz, more)
  • Kayak
  • Priceline
  • Orbit Car Hire
  • QEEQ
  • Rent Cars
  • Rental Car Group
  • Titanium / Car Rental Gateway
  • VIP Cars
  • Wise Cars
  • Zuzuche

Point of Sale/Fleet Management Integrations

The Sofiac Travel Platform™ has existing integrations with the following point of sale and fleet management systems.

  • HQ Rental Software
  • Bluebird RentWorks
  • TSD

Custom and New Integrations

The Sofiac Travel Platform™ is extensible to solve any challenge. Sofiac can create new integrations with other major point of sale, fleet management, OTA, GDS, or any other system that you need to solve your challenge.

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