Save Time and Improve Customer Service

Implement true contactless rentals today with the Sofiac Travel Platform™, with a white-labeled, customizable, mobile application you can get your company name and logo on the Android and iOS app stores today and start renting fully contactless. Enable a customer driven rental workflow where the customer can book, pay, sign, and drive all without needing to come to a counter.


Keyless Entry

Issue digital keys within the mobile application. Enable renters to go straight to the vehicle with just their phone.


Digital Signature

The customer can sign the contract before they even arrive to the counter. They can use the mobile application or your website.

Payment Processing

The customer can enter their credit card all on their own device. You never need to see or touch their card in person.

Identity Verification

The renter takes a selfie and a picture of their drivers license. If they don't match, they don't get to rent.


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