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Sofiac Travel Platform: Revolutionizing Car Rental Software

Author: Julio Valcarcel
April 10, 2023

We are thrilled to introduce the Sofiac Travel Platform™, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the daily operations of your car rental business. Our web-based platform provides all the essential tools you need for efficient fleet, reservation, and contract management, accessible anytime and anywhere.



Seamless Contactless Rentals: Embrace the next generation of car rental. Allow your customers to plan, pay, sign, and drive without ever stepping foot in a physical location, creating a smooth and convenient rental experience.


Online Travel Agency & Global Distribution System Connection: Manage your OTA, GDS, and Broker connections with our all-in-one interface. Simplify your OTA, GDS, and Broker connections with our all-in-one interface. Ensure accurate rates and real-time inventory availability to maximize bookings and revenue.


Personalized Web Presence: Establish your online presence with our fully personalized white-label websites. Our SEO-optimized platform allows customers to book directly through your website, eliminating commissions and fees from third-party booking systems.


Fleet Management: Keep your fleet in prime condition and ready to rent with our cutting-edge fleet management software. Track rental timeframes, contract details, and receive maintenance reminders to ensure customer satisfaction.



Comprehensive Contract Management: Effortlessly manage all your contracts in one centralized platform, whether they are short or long term, retail, or corporate. Implement online check-in and digital signatures for increased customer convenience and secure digital records.


Reliable Cloud-Based Solution: Built on the Amazon Web Services cloud, the Sofiac Travel Platform™ offers scalability and dependability for your growing business. With our software as a service (SaaS) solution, your team can access the platform anytime, anywhere.


Real-Time Reporting: Keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs) with our advanced monitoring tools. Manage your locations at a glance, quickly address challenges, and identify growth opportunities as they arise.


Secure Integrated Payments: Streamline transactions with our trusted payment options. From processing payments on your customized website to securely retaining card information for incidentals, we ensure a smooth and accurate process for both you and your customers.


The Sofiac Travel Platform™ is tailored for operators with fleets ranging from 5 to 5,000 or more. As your partner in growing your car rental business, we invite you to experience the future of car rental management. Click the link below to schedule a demo with one of our specialists.


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